Game Making at Hero Games

1. Pick the top voted Idea from Concept Board Ideas list.

2. Make the Game Design. Add depth. Decide feeling. Is it fun to play?

3. Download this Unity Project Template. Facebook and Gameanalytics SDKs are already implemented in this project, change game name.

4. Create Gitlab repo and upload your game.

5. Open Slack channel for the project.

6. Map out your game, Game Design Template can guide you for the beginning. Just plan one step at a time. First make sure controls feel good in Mobile Phone.

7. Daily Scrums between 10-11 am. Write your To Do in #scrum channel.

8. At the start of each scrum ask this question in team: How can we make this game more fun?

9. At the end of each day, play test the game with minimum 3 different people. Observe what they do and Level UP the game.

10. Use free assets and particle effects in database.

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